New Site Reminder

I see that although search engine searches are supposedly blocked, some folk are still finding this blog and posting here. Please realise that I transferred all my current activity and updates to my new blog at – as well as info on my own books, I shall post updates about Dave Wingrove and the new Chung Kuo project there.

Final Word – Then Its Over To The New HQ

Well, I have a great time here at the ol Rockitboy blog, but times move on and, courtesy of my publishers, we’re moving to my new blogsite at –

I was advised to advise you to update your RSS feeds – the new address is (which should re-direct to, or you can just click on the orange button when you get to the new site. Its a mighty neat looking new home for my ongoing masterplan (what plan? – why, to take over the world!), or at least where I can keep you updated on all things Cobleyesque. And of course, where you can say your piece and otherwise let me know how I`m doing.

New Website/Blog In The Offing!

Oh yes, I have seen the new site – as created by the wondrous brayne of Mr Turpin – and it is a thing of beauty, I can tell you. It should be up and running in a few days, and will have a brand new minimovie starring yr humble scribe as well. Stay tuned muchachos!

Tory-LibDem Coalition: the Chalice from the Palace or the Flagon with the Dragon

Well, that’s what this whole situation is turning into, a rerun of the pellet with the poison routine from the Danny Kaye movie, ‘The Court Jester’. Only it doesn’t matter which cup the Tories offer us, cos they’re ALL poisoned chalices.

And I’m getting heartily sick of rousing, upbeat messages from LD HQ, going on about the next batch of wonderful Liberal policies which will make the populace smile as they head off to work with a spring in their step … well, when I say off to work, that depends on whether they’ll still have a job by next summer.

Liberal policies. Hmm. I thought it was called the Liberal Democrat party, being a merger between the old Liberal party and the Social Democrats, with each bringing their own traditions and principles to the mix. Except now you never hear any mention of social democracy or Social Democrats in government for the first time since…well, that’ll be 1979, then.

Into The Pit Of Hell!….And Out Again.

Yeah, its time to dance the PC whatthehelliswrongwiththisheapocrap Fandango! Appears that it could be the motherboard but wont know till the PC Diagnosis Guy (aka Chris) afixes his beady eye upon its unforthcoming innards. Oh joy.

UPDATE – with a change of muvverboard and cpu, and patient reinstallations etc, my machine has risen from the ashes. All seems to be working, thus far.

UPDATE 2 – almost felt I was descending into the pit of hell again, when windows meejah player absolutely refused to work, no matter what codecs I installed, or even after reinstalling the pesky thang altogether. Imagine my disbelief on discovering that, duh, I should have looked into the options of WMPlyr and changed what audio device was running it. Sigh.

Humanity’s Fire Vol 3: The Ascendant Stars – Interim Report

Blog posts, you may find, are becoming scarcer of late. Simple reason being that I am engaged in the furious ongoing writing of The Ascendant Stars, 3rd part of the Humanitys Fire trilogy. Plenty happening, of course, now that the story threads are drawer closer together and the dramatic clashes grow more frequent and more intense. I’m enjoying the hell out of it, and I aint even reached the first really big battle yet!

Patience, my people, patience and all will be revealed. In time, of course.

Die Saat Der Erde: Seeds Of Earth From My German Publisher, Heyne

For yes, today I received my contractually obliged 6 copies of the paperback of the first part of Humanity’s Fire in german, Die Saat Der Erde, and a rather handsome volume it is too. And in the opening pages I discover that ‘Deutsche Ubersetzung von Norbert Stobe’, meaning that the translation into German was carried out by one Norbert Stobe (with an umlaut on the 2nd ‘O’).

My thanks to you, Norbert – I would love to know how you got on with translating some of the book’s boisterous  Scots flavour!

die saat der erde


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