and a new word is born: GRUNTERTAINMENT

Following on from reports that the ethically-challenged Jeremy Kyle is going to be roped in to help the British government, the Department of Work and Pensions, help to get the longterm unemployed back into work (ie sludging away at some degrading job akin to indentured servitude), the press is turning the spotlight on Kyle`s own particularly dubious daytime show. In which poor people, sometimes lacking in understanding or wit or any scrap of wisdom (an observation, not a criticism), venture into Kyle`s arena to have their personal sufferings torn out and stomped on by the witless menagerie that they call a studio audience and their odoriferous ringmaster. Thus I found I needed a word which encapsulates the insulting and demeaning nature of Kyle’s show, hence GRUNTERTAINMENT (easily applicable to the likes of Big Brother and a slavering horde of similar knuckle-dragging progs)

And don`t forget, you must use this power only for good.


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