Michael Moore’s ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’ Gets UK Release Date

Yes, finally, months after its USA release, ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’ will hit British cinemas on February 26th.  I don’t know if its going to be full countrywide screenings but I know that its on in Glasgow Cineworld. Gonna be there on opening night!

Seeds Of Earth Paperback Competition Closing Date Revised

I said I might do this, and yes, I am going to extend the compo till a week on Sunday, namely February 7th, to whit midnight GMT. So get yer cogitating caps on and think about the question and its wording!

Seeds Of Earth – German Cover

die saat er erde

And here, freshly arrived by the magic of the internets, the cover for Seeds Of Earth, as to be published by Heyne in Germany, in August 2010. Following, you`ll see, a similar theme to the UK cover, except with the hyperspace drive assembly now positioned in the hull’s midflank. (Of course, I didnt think of that being the hyperdrive until I saw Steve Stone’s fab illustration, after which it seemed only natural to refer to it in book 2. Ah well.)(Still neat, peachy and indeed keen, though!)

Activity Roundup At The Start Of The Year 2010

As previously mentioned, the A-format mass-market edition of Seeds Of Earth is about to spring, fully-formed and nattily-garbed onto the shelves of the nation. Yes, Virginia, you can win a copy of this papery, spacy wonderfulness – simply scroll down to the competition posting, complete with question (and gratuitous HINT!). Think, then answer, and mebbe even win!

I have a short story, Black Fragmentaria, in the bumper edition of Postscripts #20/21, subtitled Edison’s Frankenstein, now available from PS Publishing whose link you`ll see in the links sidebar.

Another short story, The Maker’s Mark, shall shortly be appearing in Conflicts, the SF anthology edited by Ian Whates and Ian Watson, published by Newcon Press (likewise linkified in the sidebar). Fans of Seeds Of Earth may be interested to know that this story is set in the Humanitys Fire universe, actually in one of the strange levels of hyperspace.

The 2nd HFire book, The Orphaned Worlds, has finally made it past the final, final, FINAL fence on its epic journey towards real, actual bookification sometime in April.

Glasgow will be hosting the Aye Write books and writers festival from March 5-13th, during which there will a signally important SF event, a panel entitled ‘The Early Days Of A Better Future’, starring such luminaries as Richard Morgan, Ken Macleod, Debbie Miller, Hal Duncan, and – cough – yr hmble scribe. Chaired by writer and critic Andrew J Wilson, we hope to dazzle and pique audience curiosity and maybe even figure out how to save the world.

Eastercon this year will be held at the Radisson Edwardian hotel at Heathrow, and yes, I will be attending. I shall also be chairing a couple of panels, one on board games, and another on rejuvenation and other paths to immortality.

And, of course, I shall be slaving away at the final volume of the Humanitys Fire trilogy, The Ascendant Stars. And don’t forget that here in Britain we’ll have this thing, you know, comes round every few years, big media circus, lotsa huckstering, river of promises….known as a General Election. Oh yes – that. Could be a busy time, donchaknow.

Chung Kuo Press Release from publishers Corvus/Atlantic-Grove

Here is the text of the press release from Corvus, imprint of Atlantic-Grove Publishers, under which the newly-revised Chung Kuo saga is to be reprinted.


Corvus has bought world rights in Chung Kuo, David Wingrove’s terrifyingly plausible future history, from Diana Tyler at MBA Literary Agents.

 Nicolas Cheetham, Publishing Director of Corvus, said, ‘This is a major publishing event. Over twenty years in the making, the Chung Kuo series is a 2.5 million word, 19-book epic that brilliantly fuses Shogun and Blade Runner to rival the scope of Frank Herbert’s Dune or Isaac Asimov’s Foundation. In a genre of big ideas and even bigger books, this is one of the biggest and most ambitious of them all – we’re all going to need bigger bookshelves.’ 

 Set 200 years in the future, the Chung Kuo sequence introduces a world dominated by China. History has been rewritten, the West’s great four-century-long experiment of Enlightenment erased and utterly forgotten. There is no official record of Shakespeare or Mozart, DaVinci or Einstein, any reminders of the past having been quite literally buried beneath the Han’s mile-high, continent-spanning cities. Within those cities, an ornate, hierarchical society of 34 billion souls is maintained only by unremitting repression. Revolution seems inevitable but in such an overpopulated world any change could spell the end of humanity. 

 Chung Kuo has been in development for over two decades. Eight books were published between 1988 and 1998, and the series was hailed as ‘one of the masterpieces of the decade’ [Washington Post]. The series is now being recast in nineteen volumes, including a new prequel and an entirely different ending, with over 500,000 additional words of new story. David Wingrove said ‘This is no Director’s Cut, but a total revision, giving the last few volumes the power and breadth of vision they were always meant to have. In the prequel I depict a world in the throes of violent change, a world in which all that is now familiar is about to pass. As the two great empires of our age clash there can only be one winner, that victory effectively ending the centuries-long rule of the West.’

 Corvus will publish the new series prequel, Son of Heaven, in September 2010 and embark on an ambitious, multi-format (including special collector’s editions and e-books) publishing programme that will see all nineteen volumes available by 2014.  

***                                        ***                                   ***

And as I mentioned before, I`ve seen an advance rough of the cover illustration for Son of Heaven, and man, it is shiny! Hopefully, we`ll be seing it soon.

Seeds Of Earth Competition, Baby – With New Improved Question! (and gratuitous hint)

Yaay, its Competition Time (AKA Make More Room On Mike Cobley’s Shelves Time). As you may know, the mass-market/A-format of SEEDS OF EARTH will be published this month, not on the 10th as I’d previously thought but on the 21st. As is customary, the author receives a number of gratis copies from the publisher as part of the contract for the author to disperse as he sees fit. Well, after some thought, I’ve decided to go with something similar to the last compo. Thus I have six copies to be won, three for UK winners, and 3 for non-UK winners. When thinking about the competition quizette I wondered whether to go for the absurdly easy (how many letters are there in Greg’s surname and can you chew gum and walk at the same time?) or arcanely obscure (what is the Irish Gaelic translation of the 5th word on the 9th line on page 156?) but ultimately I went for something inbetween, and here it is (and this is the replacement question since the first one could really only be figured, er, if you`d read the book)(now with added hint!):

Bearing in mind the SETTING  ;-) of Seeds Of Earth, what is the connection between the book and the poet, John Keats? 

Ah Hah – that should see if yer paying attention! (Which is more than I was doing 1st time!)

Answers should be sent to my very special email addy – humanitysfire@googlemail.com – and the closing date for responses shall be Jan 28th (though I may possibly revise this). And don’t forget to include your full postal address.

Okay, my people, have at it!


Seeds Of Earth, mass-market paperback edition

Humanity's Fire Vol 1: Seeds Of Earth

Yes, for it came to pass that my gracious publishers, Orbit, did release unto the buying public the A-format paperback Seeds Of Earth, complete with redesigned cover layout and lettering. Looks pretty tasty, I think, and its actually quite a plump book (though not as doorstoppy as some). And as is usual, I received my contractual author copies…and since shelf space here at Cobley Towers is at a premium I shall be running a wee competition for those keen to lay hands on a copy of ma book.

Just to be clear, official publication date for this edition is January 10th (rrp is 7.99 but hey, just see whats happening over at Amazon…), and I’ll be announcing competition details shortly.


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