Chung Kuo Vol 1: Son of Heaven update

Hot news from Corvus, soon-to-be publisher of the new, improved and expanded Chung Kuo epic from David Wingrove. Their new catalogue devotes a 2-page spread to the Chung Kuo books, including a blurbtastic summary and this terrific cover for book one:

Chung Kuo 1 - Son of Heaven

How utterly splendid is that? For more information, including that summary and the full list of the sequence’s titles, go to (see below) –

Many thanks to Adam Whitehead at the Wertzone.


Just spoken to Mr Wingrove and sadly it seems that the Corvus information is now obsolete: due to various hinderings and hamperings, book 1, Son of Heaven, is now scheduled for a Spring 2011 release. On the upside, the original text of SOH has itself undergone revisions and improvements resulting in its being turned into 2 volumes, Son Of Heaven and Daylight On Iron Mountain. Corvus had planned to show the Chung Kuo sequence in all its glory at the London Book Fair but the Volcanic-Ash-From-Hell prevented many book buyers from attending; the figure I`ve heard is something like 80% absences. However, the next big world book event is the ABA, the American Book Association jamboree at Bookexpo America in New York in May; after that, its the Frankfurt Book Fair in October (I think). More info when available.

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  1. Yet another delay..aaagh! Whoever can promise an earlier Chung Kuo release date gets my vote-looking forward to the the recast Wingrove Armageddon:the original series was an underrated landmark.Cover looks cool-when do we get the promised Chung Kuo blog?

  2. I sympathise but publishing is a funny business – that funny-peculiar rather than funny-haha. Yes, the covers are all reputedly as fab as that one. As for the CKblog – shall try find out what the story is on that. Could be that DW and Corvus may decide to wait until winter/into the new year.

  3. so now we are looking at a 20 volume series??

    wow that is one heck of a release schedule,
    are they all now written after the revisions and the additions? and they already have the covers for the entire series?

    can’t wait, this seems like it will be one hell of a ride

  4. Actually, closer examination of the Corvus/Atlantic catalogue and other sources reveal that, ahem, only the cover for book 1 has been aired so far. Ooops. And yes, we`re taling 20 books. Get new shelves, folks.

  5. At this point I’m not even surprised about the delays anymore. Allow me to make a prediction – a final rewrite will have to depict a future world far beyond the year ‘2085,’ simply because the year 2085 in the real world will have come and gone long before this book is finally published and distributed.

    • I still can’t believe it’s 2010 and there’s only one sun in the sky “What’s going to happen Dave?””Something wonderful..”

  6. With each new delay, my enthusiasm for Chung Kuo dies just a little bit more. Wasn’t the series supposed to be released back in spring 2009, originally?

    It’ll come when it’s ready I suppose but I’m not going to hold my breath anymore.

  7. I realise that this has been a long time coming, and I understand the impatience. But life rarely takes the easy route – just look at our general election, wot a twisty tangly thing its become. But I assure you it will be coming out – Corvus have dedicated a section of their catalogue to the saga, even though thats been superceded. Its coming, just not straight away. Plenty other good books out there.

  8. As anyone perusing this blog will know, the process by which the Chung Kuo books are coming print has been unbelievably slow. Spoke with Mr Wingrove today, and again things are moving ahead; galley proofs of the 1st batch of novels are being proofread and the actual bound proof of book one is in the offing. Tough to do but…keep holding that breath.

  9. Is there there any word on an ebook edition of Chung Kuo? I still have my original’s but would love to have the entire reprinting on my kindle.

  10. Hi Carth – I can practically guarantee it, for the new revised editions certainly. Corvus are dedicating a lot of effort to the new Chung Kuo sequence, and ebooks are now regarded as an essential part of publishing.

    BTW, if you take a look at the latest post on the blog you’ll see that my webpresence has a new home, complete with all the comment threads from I Tactics.

    cheers – Mike

  11. Does anyone here have contacts to obtain a proof copy when they come out? I am a very avid collector of the Chung Kuo series [have all 38 editions/states in English of the original series plus quite a few foreign editions] and would love to be able to purchase proofs of all 20 of the new volumes at some reasonable price.

    • Hi Brian – I am told that the proof for the 1st volume is close to release. However – publishers dont make proofs available for sell to the public, since they are meant for the industry, for booksellers and for reviewers. Your best bet would be to go through an SF specialist in the UK, or keep an eagle eye on listings in ebay. That said, I`ll make enquiries and see what I can find out.

      • Thank you very much for any enquiries. I know that ARCs are only available to the trade or to reviewers, but I was hoping that through this blog I might reach someone in those catagories or with another tie to the publishers and marketers. I’m also interested in finding out what I can about what foreign editins will be produced.

  12. I am quite interested in this as I am fascinated by the Chinese culture, past my grandmother spent much time there, and future even as fiction such as this.

    • Thanks for posting – this blog is essentially defunct. My new blog is at where you`ll find much more up to date info on the Chung Kuo series. Also, David Wingrove now has a new website on the net at – lots of info there.

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