Sherlock Holmes: Warner Home Video Pulls A Switcheroo

I think I blogged here a few months ago about how much I loved the new Sherlock Holmes movie (so much that I went to see it twice). So naturally I was waiting for the dvd to hit the shelves, especially the 2-disc special edition which had been mentioned in much of the post-cinema release promo, along with a list of the extras and featurettes etc.

Well, time has worn on, the single-DVD version was released and now that several weeks have passed by I thought I’d do a google-trawl to see when we could expect the special edition. Well, imagine my surprise when I found that yes, there is a 2 disc version available but its a DVD+blueray special edition with the extras on the blueray disc. There is an American special edition out, but its the same as the UK standard edition (the movie plus a 14 minute featurette) but also including some artwork and a comic.

Wot the fudge is going on? Much dedicated, rephrase-heavy googling later I discovered that there IS in fact a 2-DVD special edition avaiable – er, in the Asia market, Thailand, Korea, etc etc. Yet for some reason it is impossible to purchase this version via Amazon or So, in short, we the public have been flipped the bird. “Haw haw, so now if ya wanna see the extras, yer gonna haveta buy a blueray machine. Kerching kerching!”


2 Responses

  1. Hmm, thats progres for ya! I think they are slowly phazing DVD out, or hoping to! I hope they dont though as we have a Blu Ray player and we can now get DVDs a LOT cheaper but I dont intend updatiing my entire film collection to Mr Blu!

  2. Makes you wonder – has the dvd market become a victim of its own success, with overproduction now glutting the market in really cheap stuff? So in order to raise profit margins, we – the dumb consumer – has to be prodded into buying more expensive gear and discs, just so the corporations can maintain their profit margins. Mebbe.

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